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2014 High Tech High School Tour


We recently organized a tour of the plant biology labs at Salk for 100 high school juniors.  These

students have interests in science and math and are currently working on an Arabidopsis project in school. 

We thought it would be great to expose them to how a real plant lab functions.







After Lucia Wang spend two years at GAL-E her sister Sophia Wang decide to follow her step volunteering during

summer at our lab.



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Canyon Crest Academy Work Experience / Internship Education


The Internship program is a class for committed juniors and seniors who would like to explore an occupation

they might want to pursue as a future career.


2011-12 CCA WE/IE Intern Sara Orpin.





Harvey Mudd College Upward Bound Program


1st generation college bound students take special math and science classes at UCSD in the mornings and

then volunteer intern in the afternoons. This program focuses more on exposure than concrete projects.



2012 HMCUBI Frank Gutierrez


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2011 HMCUBI Maxson Ly






2010 HMCUBI David Dang


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Aaron Price Fellows


Aaron Price Fellows, a small group of highly motivated students involved in an acclaimed leadership program.

These students tour the labs at Salk Institute to have a taste of what it would be to become a scientist.




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High School Teachers Science Day




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High School Science Day


High School Science Day is a half-day community outreach event designed to get youngsters

interested in considering an exciting career in research.


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High School Summer Enrichment Program


This program gives high school students the opportunity to do hands-on experimental work in a Salk research lab, supervised by a Salk faculty member. Students work side-by-side with Salk scientists on projects involving today's cutting edge research.


2009 HSSI Lucia Wang


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2008 HSSI Sahil Seth


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2006 HSSI Summer Puente


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Other High School Summer Interns.


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Patricia Rosas          Darlene Cayabyab          Raquel Sojourner