EW YACs hybridizing with repetitive DNA

These YACs were identified by Schmidt et al. (1994) as YAC clones that hybridize with repeated DNA sequences.

EW YAC clones containing chloroplast DNA sequences

1B4, 1F6, 1F7, 2B8, 2C11, 2D4, 2E4, 2G11, 3B4, 3C9, 3E4, 3F4, 3F11, 3G5, 3G10, 3H3, 4A3, 4A4, 4B9, 4C2, 4C6, 4F1, 4F9, 4G5, 4G10, 4H5, 4H8, 5A5, 5A11, 5B3, 5C3, 5C11, 5E6, 5G8, 5H6, 5H11, 6A4, 6A9, 6C4, 6D5, 6E8, 6G7, 7A11, 7B12, 7D2, 7D3, 7D5, 7D6, 7F3, 7G1, 7G8, 7G10, 7H6, 8A4, 8A5, 8E1, 8F1, 8G3, 8G12, 8H6, 9D10, 9E1, 9G11, 9G12, 9H8, 10B7, 10C11, 10E5, 10H5, 10H10, 10H11, 11D11, 11F3, 11G1, 12B10, 13A7, 13B2, 13B8, 13D1, 13D6, 13F7, 13H3, 13H6, 14E10, 14F3, 14G12, 15A5, 15A7, 15B10, 15D9, 15E4, 15E5, 15E7, 15E8, 15F3, 15G2, 15H1, 15H4, 16A3, 16A8, 16B6, 16D9, 16F6, 17C5, 17C9, 17C12, 17F7, 17H4, 18C2, 18C6, 18C12, 18D5, 18E5, 18G2, 18H8, 18H9, 18H10, 18H11, 19A7, 19A8, 19D1, 19G4, 19H8, 20A6, 20C5, 20D5, 20G4, 20G9, 21A3, 21B3, 21E6, 22A7, 22B2, 22B12, 22C4, 22D5, 22E12, 22G3, 22G10, 22G12, 22H9, 23B3, 23B8, 23C5, 23C10, 23F7

EW YAC clones containing