EG YACs hybridizing with repetitive DNA

These YACs were identified by Schmidt et al. (1994) as YAC clones that hybridize with repeated DNA sequences.

EG YAC clones containing chloroplast DNA sequences

1A6, 1A9, 1A10, 1A11, 1A12, 1B3, 1B7, 1B10, 1B11, 1C2, 1C8, 1C11, 1D4, 1E1, 1E2, 1E4, 1F1, 1F2, 1F4, 1F7, 1G5, 1G6, 1H3, 1H8, 1H9, 2A2, 2A8, 2B4, 2B8, 2B10, 2C4, 2C8, 2D5, 2D6, 2D7, 2E5, 2E7, 2E8, 2F1, 2F11, 2G1, 2G2, 2G4, 2G6, 2G7, 2H4, 2H5, 2H6, 3A1, 3A3, 3A4, 3A5, 3A6, 3A7, 3A10, 3A11, 3A12, 3B1, 3B5, 3B10, 3C1, 3C3, 3C7, 3C9, 3C11, 3D4, 3D5, 3D6, 3D8, 3D9, 3D10, 3E2, 3E3, 3E4, 3E5, 3E6, 3E7, 3E9, 3E10, 3E12, 3F1, 3F3, 3F4, 3F5, 3F6, 3F7, 3F11, 3G1, 3G8, 3G12, 3H1, 3H2, 3H5, 3H10, 3H12, 4A5, 4A6, 4A8, 4A9, 4A12, 4B1, 4B2, 4B7, 4C2, 4C12, 4D1, 4D6, 4D7, 4D12, 4E2, 4E3, 4E6, 4E7, 4E8, 4F5, 4F6, 4F7, 4F9, 4G4, 4H3, 4H4, 4H9, 5A1, 5A10, 5B3, 5B6, 5B9, 5C1, 5D1, 5D5, 5D8, 5E1, 5E4, 5E5, 5E12, 5F1, 5F3, 5F12, 5G1, 5G2, 5G3, 5G4, 5G5, 5G7, 5G10, 5H3, 5H5, 5H9, 5H12, 6A10, 6A11, 6D1, 6D2, 6D3, 6D6, 6D12, 6E8, 6F6, 6G2, 6G3, 6G4, 6H2, 6H12, 7A9, 7A11, 7B1, 7B6, 7B8, 7B9, 7B10, 7B11, 7C4, 7C6, 7C9, 7C10, 7D3, 7D5, 7D7, 7D12, 7E1, 7E3, 7F7, 7F12, 7G2, 7G12, 7H2, 7H4, 7H11, 7H12, 8A2, 8B3, 8B5, 8B6, 8B9, 8C6, 8C7, 8D2, 8D7, 8F2, 8F3, 8F6, 8F7, 8F9, 8G1, 8G2, 8G4, 8G7, 8G8, 8G9, 8H1, 9A1, 9A5, 9A6, 9A10, 9A12, 9B4, 9C11, 9D5, 9D8, 9D11, 9E3, 9E4, 9E5, 9E8, 9E12, 9F1, 9F2, 9F4, 9F10, 9F11, 9G1, 9G2, 9H5, 9H10, 9H11, 10A7, 10A8, 10C7, 10C8, 10C9, 10C10, 10C12, 1 0D1, 10D2, 10D4, 10D6, 10D8, 10E1, 10E6, 10E8, 10E9, 10E11, 10F1, 10F2, 10F3, 10F4, 10F8, 10F9, 10F12, 10G6, 10G8, 10G9, 10G11, 10H6, 10H9, 11A2, 11A3, 11A4, 11A7, 11A10, 11A11, 11A12, 11B3, 11B8, 11B9, 11C1, 11C10, 11D3, 11D5, 11D6, 11D10, 11E2, 11E4, 11E5, 11E7, 11E10, 11F2, 11F4, 11F8, 11F11, 11G11, 11H1, 11H2, 11H4, 11H5, 11H6, 11H8, 12A4, 12A6, 12A9, 12A11, 12B4, 12B7, 12C1, 12C3, 12D7, 12D11, 12E1, 12E5, 12F1, 12F2, 12F3, 12F5, 12F6, 12F7, 12F8, 12G2, 12G4, 12G5, 12G6, 12G11, 12H1, 12H3, 12H6, 12H12, 13A1, 13A11, 13B1, 13B3, 13B10, 13B11, 13C7, 13C11, 13D4, 13D7, 13D9, 13D10, 13D11, 13E3, 13E4, 13E8, 13F9, 13F10, 13G6, 13G8, 13H6, 14A2, 14A10, 14A11, 14B2, 14B4, 14B10, 14C3, 14C7, 14C11, 14D2, 14D3, 14D4, 14D7, 14D9, 14D10, 14E1, 14E8, 14F1, 14F3 , 14F9, 14G3, 14G6, 14G7, 14H5, 14H7, 14H8, 14H10, 15A1, 15A2, 15A12, 15B4, 15B8, 15C2, 15C4, 15C7, 15C10, 15D1, 15D6, 15D10, 15D12, 15E1, 15E3, 15E9, 15E12, 15F1, 15F2, 15F3, 15F8, 15G6, 15G9, 15G11, 15H2, 15H3, 15H6, 15H7, 15H10, 16A1, 16A2, 16A6, 16A12, 16B4, 16B7, 16B12, 16C2, 16C11, 16D1, 16D7, 16E1, 16E2, 16E5, 16E6, 16E7, 16F3, 16F4, 16F5, 16F7, 16F9, 16F10, 16G1, 16G3, 16G4, 16G7, 16G9, 16H2, 16H4, 16H11, 17A5, 17A11, 17B6, 17B7, 17B9, 17C7, 17D5, 17D9, 17E3, 17E5, 17E9, 17E10, 17F5, 17F6, 17G10, 17H6, 18A2, 18A4, 18A7, 18A12, 18B1, 18B2, 18B7, 18B9, 18B10, 18B12, 18C2, 18C6, 18D1, 18D2, 18E6, 18E7, 18E12, 18F1, 18F11, 18F12, 18G1, 18G3, 18G6, 18G8, 18G10, 18H4, 18H5, 18H6, 18H7, 18H8, 18H10, 19B4, 19C2, 19C3, 19C4, 19C9, 19D12, 19E5, 19E7, 19E8, 19E9, 19E12, 19F8, 19F9, 19G2, 19G5, 19G8, 19H2, 19H3, 19H8, 19H9, 20A1, 20A8, 20A11, 20B1, 20B2, 20B12, 20C1, 20C6, 20C10, 20D2, 20D4, 20D5, 20D7, 20D10, 20D11, 20D12, 20E4, 20E9, 20F6, 20F9, 20G3, 20G6, 20H12, 21B1, 21B6, 21B10, 21C3, 21C7, 21C12, 2 1D4, 21D6, 21E4, 21F4, 21F5, 21G7, 21H1, 22A4, 22A6, 22A9, 22B5, 22B8, 22B11, 22B12, 22C4, 22D4, 22D8, 22D9, 22D10, 22E1, 22E2, 22E10, 22E11, 22E12, 22F2, 22F3, 22F10, 22F11, 22G1, 22G2, 22G3, 22G7, 22G12, 23A3, 23A4, 23A6, 23B2, 23B3, 23B4, 23B7, 23C7, 23C9, 23D1, 23D4, 23E3, 23E6, 23E9, 23E11, 23E12, 23F12, 23G1, 23G3, 23G12, 23H2, 23H4, 23H8, 24A8, 24B5, 24B6, 24B7, 24B8, 24B10, 24C1, 24C5, 24C11, 24D1, 24D2, 24D3, 24D4, 24E1, 24E7, 24E10, 24E11, 24F6, 24G4, 24G5, 24H3, 24H4

EG YAC clones containing