1.  SIGnAL T-DNA Verification Primer Design

     To design genomic primers for verifing T-DNA insertion. [ Link ]   

2.  SIGnAL Gene/T-DNA iSect Tool

     To retrieve or fetch sequences of genes, or T-DNAs from AGI genome. [ Link ]

  3.  SIGnAL Genomic iSect Tool

     To retrieve or fetch sequences from a region or multiple regions on the AGI genome. [ Link ]

4.  SIGnAL iSect NetCompare Tool

     To compare two sets of data in their intersection, difference, union and etc. [ Link ]

  5.  SIGnAL iSect Primer Design for User Sequences

     To design the best pair of primers for your submitting sequences. [ Link ]

  iSect : a pair of electronical scissors, which goes where you intend to , cuts whatever you want from Arabidopsis genome or your inputs.

Please use the Rice iSect Tool.

Please email to Huaming Chen, if you have techniqual questions.

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