Arabidopsis Interactome -1    

In collaboration with Center for Cancer Systems Biology, 9000 Arabidopsis protein-coding genes were systematically screened in a high-quality, matrix-based Y2H assay. Proteins were tested for binary interactions against one another (AI-1) as well as against Arabidopsis pathogen effector proteins (PPIN-1).

The AI-1 network contains 6205 protein-protein interactions among 2,774 Arabidopsis proteins. It was generated as detailed in "Evidence for Network Evolution in an Arabidopsis Interactome Map" Science July 29, 2011. Click to search genes of interest and browse the AI-1 network.

The PPIN-1 network contains 3148 protein-protein interactions among 926 Arabidopsis immune related proteins. Please see "Independently Evolved Virulence Effectors Converge onto Hubs in a Plant Immune System Network" Science July 29, 2011, for details. Click to search genes of interest and browse the PPIN-1 network. Click here to download PPIN-1 dataset.

The NAPPA network: The 38 transcription factors resulted in a protein-protein interaction network containing 3,577 interactions and 2,238 proteins. download NAPPA dataset.

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