Nature Milestones | 9 February 2021
Milestones in Genomic Sequencing

2000 Arabidopsis thaliana genome
2008 Transcriptomes - a new layer of complexity
2009 Mapping the methylome
2012 Our most elemental encyclopaedia
2015 Epigenome: The symphony in your cells

My Favourite Site
SIGnAL T-DNA Express
Salk Insertion
Sequence Database
Salk Homozygote
T-DNA Collection
Arabidopsis Tiling
Array Transcriptome
Arabidopsis Gene
ORFeome Collection
Arabidopsis GMUCT Uncapped
& Cleaved Transcripts
EIN3 -Ethylene Chip-seq
/RNA-seq browser
High Resolution
Arabidopsis Exosome
Arabidopsis Cyclome
Arabidopsis 1,001 Genomes,
Epigenomes, transcriptomes
& Physical Maps
Salk Arabidopsis
1,001 Genomes
Complex architecture and epigenomics of plant T-DNA insertions
Perlegen Arabidopsis
Single Feature
Polymorphism Database
High Resolution
Arabidopsis Methylome
Transgenerational Inheritance
of Methylation Variants
Single-base Resolution
Epigenome Maps
Arabidopsis Biotic
Stress Epigenome
Plant Cistrome /Epicistrome Atlas
Arabidopsis Root
Cell-type Methylomes
Arabidopsis Seed Methylomes
B-ARR-mediated cytokinin
transcriptional network
Epigenetic Control of
Ethylene Signaling
Interactome (AI-1)
Abscisic Acid TF Network
Arabidopsis thaliana TF
interaction network (AtTFIN-1)
Jasmonic Acid Signaling Networks
Phytochrome-Interacting Factors trigger chromatin dynamics in plants
Rice Functional
Genomics Database
Soybean Epigenome Browser
Integration of Omic Networks
in Maize Atlas
Human DNA Methylomes
Human Pluripotent
Cell Methylomes
Brain Methylomes
Human Nuclear Transfer
ES Cell Methylomes
Human Tissue Epigenomes
Human and Mouse Single Cortial Neuron Methylomes
Epigenomic Analysis of Multilineage Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Single Nucleus 3D Chromatin Structure and Methylomes from Human Cortex
Single nucleus multi-omics of human cortical cell genomes
Single Cell DNA Methylation and 3D Genome Architecture in the Human Brain
Circadian Epigenome
Epigenomic Signatures
of Neuronal Diversity
Mouse Retinal
Cell Epigenomes
Endothelial Cell Epigenomes
Induced Neuron (iN) Epigenomes
Dnmt3a dependent methylation in inhibitory neurons
Spatiotemporal DNA methylome dynamics of the developing mouse fetus
Single Nucleus Pituitary Methylomes
OMB: Brain Cell Methylation Viewer
Mouse Brain Methylome Atlas
Mouse Brain EpiRetro-seq Atlas

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