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Data Release Policy

Data Release Policy - Sequenced indexed insertion mutant database Policy on use of preliminary Arabidopsis insertion sequence information

We requested that users include this reference (below) in publications describing the use of Salk lines obtained from ABRC or NASC.

Josť M. Alonso, Anna N. Stepanova, Thomas J. Leisse, Christopher J. Kim, Huaming Chen, Paul Shinn, Denise K. Stevenson, Justin Zimmerman, Pascual Barajas, Rosa Cheuk, Carmelita Gadrinab, Collen Heller, Albert Jeske, Eric Koesema, Cristina C. Meyers, Holly Parker, Lance Prednis, Yasser Ansari, Nathan Choy, Hashim Deen, Michael Geralt, Nisha Hazari, Emily Hom, Meagan Karnes, Celene Mulholland, Ral Ndubaku, Ian Schmidt, Plinio Guzman, Laura Aguilar-Henonin, Markus Schmid, Detlef Weigel, David E. Carter, Trudy Marchand, Eddy Risseeuw, Debra Brogden, Albana Zeko, William L. Crosby, Charles C. Berry, and Joseph R. Ecker (2003) Genome-Wide Insertional Mutagenesis of Arabidopsis thaliana Science 301: 653-657.

We requested that users include this reference (below) in publications describing the use of SSP cDNA ORF cl ones obtained from ABRC

Kayoko Yamada, Jun Lim, Joseph M. Dale, Huaming Chen, Paul Shinn, Curtis J. Palm, Audrey M. Southwick, Hank C. Wu, Christopher Kim, Michelle Nguyen, Paul Pham, Rosa Cheuk, George Karlin-Newmann, Shirley X. Liu, Bao Lam, Hitomi Sakano, Troy Wu, Guixia Yu, Molly Miranda, Ho ng L. Quach, Matthew Tripp, Charlie H. Chang, Jeong M. Lee, Mitsue Toriumi, Marie M. H. Chan, Carolyn C. Tang, Courtney S. Onodera, Justine M. Deng, Kenji Akiyama, Yasser Ansari, Tak ahiro Arakawa, Jenny Banh, Fumika Banno, Leah Bowser, Shelise Brooks, Piero Carninci, Qimin Chao, Nathan Choy, Akiko Enju, Andrew D. Goldsmith, Mani Gurjal, Nancy F. Hansen, Yo shihide Hayashizaki, Chanda Johnson-Hopson, Vickie W. Hsuan, Kei Iida, Meagan Karnes, Shehnaz Khan, Eric Koesema, Junko Ishida, Paul X. Jiang, Ted Jones, Jun Kawai, Asako Kamiya, Cristina Meyers, Maiko Nakajima, Mari Narusaka, Motoaki Seki, Tetsuya Sakurai, Masakazu Satou, Racquel Tamse, Maria Vaysberg, Erika K. Wallender, Cecilia Wong, Yuki Yamamura, Shia ulou Yuan, Kazuo Shinozaki, Ronald W. Davis, Athanasios Theologis, and Joseph R. Ecker (2003) Empirical Analysis of Transcriptional Activity in the Arabidopsis Genome Science 302: 842-846.

The Salk Institute Genomic Analysis Laboratory (SIGnAL) releases data very rapidly to ensure that our scientific colleagues have access to information that may assist them in the search for the biological function of genes. Data releases do not constitute scientific publication, but rather provide investigators with information that may kick-start biological experimentation. Users of this information are encouraged to share their results with SIGnAL in order to improve annotation of the full-length cDNA and/or insertion mutant sequence data. Until publication, the data or information may contain errors or be incomplete and should be regarded as preliminary.

SIGnAL asks that you acknowledge the source of information obtained from this site in any publication by including the following sentences in the Materials and Methods and Acknowledgement sections respectively: "Insertion mutant information was obtained from the SIGnAL website at http://signal.salk.edu". "We thank the Salk Institute Genomic Analysis Laboratory for providing the sequence-indexed Arabidopsis TDNA insertion mutants or full-length cDNA/ORF clones. Importantly, we also request that you include the accession number (Salk_xxxxxx, Uxxxxx, Cxxxx, Sxxxx) in all publications that describe mutants obtained from our laboratory. We also ask that you include the following text in the Acknowledgements: "Funding for the SIGnAL indexed insertion mutant collection (or cDNA/ORFeome collection) was provided by the "National Science Foundation".

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