CLON SM_3_1158[Seq] [JIC SM] [Order from ABRC] [Order from NASC] [PCR @ Salk Site] [PCR @] 
CHRO chr1
EVAL 5e-07
COOR C/113266-113291
NOTE CS56842

HITS AT1G01280.1[Seq] [Transcriptome] [RiceGE] [SNP Search] [gAtlas] [GO] [NCBI] [NCBI Map] [TAIR] [MPSS] [AMPDB/SUBA] [KEGG] 
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[Genevestigator] [UToronto BAR Expression Angler] [Araport ] TYPE Gene TITL AT1G01280.1 CDS ID=AT1G01280.1; Parent=AT1G01280; Name=AT1G01280.1; Note=cytochrome P450%2C family 703%2C subfamily A%2C polypeptide 2; curator_summary=member of CYP703A CYP703A2 is expressed specifically in anthers of land plants%2C catalyzing the in-chain hydroxylation at the C-7 position of medium-chain saturated fatty acids (lauric acid in-chain hydroxylase) which is involved in pollen development (sporopollenin synthesis).; conf_class=2; symbol=CYP703A2; Alias=CYP703; full_name=cytochrome P450%2C family 703%2C subfamily A%2C polypeptide 2; computational_description=cytochrome P450%2C family 703%2C subfamily A%2C polypeptide 2 (CYP703A2)%3B FUNCTIONS IN: oxidoreductase activity%2C acting on paired donors%2C with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen%2C NADH or NADPH as one donor%2C and incorporation of one atom of oxygen%2C oxygen binding%3B INVOLVED IN: medium-chain fatty acid metabolic process%2C pollen wall assembly%2C medium-chain fatty acid biosynthetic process%2C sporopollenin biosynthetic process%2C pollen exine formation%3B LOCATED IN: endomembrane system%3B EXPRESSED IN: 6 plant structures%3B EXPRESSED DURING: petal differentiation and expansion stage%3B CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: Cytochrome P450 (InterPro:IPR001128)%2C Cytochrome P450%2C conserved site (InterPro:IPR017972)%2C Cytochrome P450%2C E-class%2C group I (InterPro:IPR002401)%3B BEST Arabidopsis thaliana protein match is: Cytochrome P450 superfamily protein (TAIR:AT5G07990.1)%3B Has 29652 Blast hits to 29399 proteins in 1569 species: Archae - 44%3B Bacteria - 2451%3B Metazoa - 11172%3B Fungi - 6019%3B Plants - 9091%3B Viruses - 3%3B Other Eukaryotes - 872 (source: NCBI BLink).; conf_rating=****; Dbxref=PMID:12372144, PMID:15703057, PMID:16258015, PMID:16831835, PMID:16920875, PMID:17496121, PMID:18036205, PMID:18433503, PMID:19218397, PMID:19700560, PMID:20118226, PMID:20736450, PMID:21223384, PMID:21849515, PMID:23252839, locus:2035267; locus_type=protein_coding LOCN Exon COOR W/112290-113195,113279-113905