CLON SAIL_291_G02[Seq] [About SAIL] [Order from ABRC] [Order from NASC] 
CHRO chr1
EVAL 7e-28
COOR C/86573-86640

HITS AT1G01200.1[Seq] [Transcriptome] [RiceGE] [SNP Search] [gAtlas] [NCBI] [KEGG] [Protein Interaction] [AtGene Express] [AtGDB View] 
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Genome Browsers: [1001 Genomes] [1001 Epigenomes] [ABA TF Network] TYPE Gene TITL AT1G01200.1 CDS AT1G01200 ID=AT1G01200.1; Parent=AT1G01200; Name=AT1G01200.1; Note=RAB GTPase homolog A3; conf_class=1; symbol=RABA3; Alias=ATRAB-A3, ARABIDOPSIS RAB GTPASE HOMOLOG A3, ATRABA3, RAB GTPase homolog A3; full_name=RAB GTPase homolog A3; computational_description=RAB GTPase homolog A3 (RABA3)%3B FUNCTIONS IN: GTP binding%3B INVOLVED IN: protein transport%2C small GTPase mediated signal transduction%3B LOCATED IN: endosome%2C nucleus%2C cell plate%3B EXPRESSED IN: lateral root cap%2C hypocotyl%2C root%2C flower%2C epidermis%3B EXPRESSED DURING: petal differentiation and expansion stage%3B CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: Ras GTPase (InterPro:IPR001806)%2C Small GTP-binding protein (InterPro:IPR005225)%2C Small GTPase (InterPro:IPR020851)%2C Ras (InterPro:IPR013753)%2C Ras small GTPase%2C Rab type (InterPro:IPR003579)%2C Rab11-related (InterPro:IPR015595)%3B BEST Arabidopsis thaliana protein match is: RAB GTPase homolog A4C (TAIR:AT5G47960.1)%3B Has 27164 Blast hits to 27137 proteins in 734 species: Archae - 19%3B Bacteria - 134%3B Metazoa - 14292%3B Fungi - 3779%3B Plants - 3194%3B Viruses - 20%3B Other Eukaryotes - 5726 (source: NCBI BLink).; conf_rating=*****; Dbxref=PMID:12644670, PMID:15703057, PMID:16581873, PMID:18239134, locus:2035302; locus_type=protein_coding LOCN 300-UTR3 COOR C/86715-87162,87880-88145