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No Gene TAIR Accession Object Name GO Term GO Key Aspect GOslim Term Evidence Code Reference Database Date
1 AT1G010502200965 AT1G01050 cytoplasm GO:0005737 231 C other cytoplasmic components IDA  Publication:501714452|PMID:15610358 TAIR
2 AT1G010502200965 AT1G01050 membrane GO:0016020 453 C other membranes ISS InterPro:IPR008162 Communication:501714663 TIGR
3 AT1G010502200965 AT1G01050 nucleus GO:0005634 537 C nucleus IDA  Publication:501714452|PMID:15610358 TAIR
4 AT1G010502200965 AT1G01050 inorganic diphosphatase activity GO:0004427 2813 F hydrolase activity IDA  Publication:501724425 TAIR
5 AT1G010502200965 AT1G01050 metabolic process GO:0008152 6331 P other metabolic processes ISS InterPro:IPR008162 Communication:501714663 TIGR

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Source: TAIR Gene Ontology Annotations.         Updated: May 12 06:21

 1. Gene / locus name: standard AGI convention name
 2. TAIR accession:the unique identifier for an object in the TAIR database- the object type is the prefix, followed by a unique accession number(e.g. gene:12345).  
 3. Object name : the name of the object (gene, protein, locus) being annotated.  
 4. GO term: the actual string of letters corresponding to the GO ID
 5. GO ID: the unique identifier for a GO term.  
 6. Key: the unique identifier for a keyword in the TAIR database.
 7. Aspect: F=molecular function, C=cellular component, P=biological process. 
 8. GOslim term: high level GO term helps in functional categorization.
 9. Evidence code: three letter code for evidence types (see:
10. Reference: Either a TAIR accession for a reference (reference table: reference_id) or reference from PubMed (e.g. PMID:1234).  
11. Annotating database: TAIR or TIGR
12. Date annotated: date the annotation was made.