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  You could search by clone name, gene name, function, source, as well as NCBI accession number. (PGEC C1-C3000, SALK C3001-C6000, STAN C6001-C9000) and SSP number (PGEC R/U90001-R/U12000, SALK R/U12001-R/U15000, STAN R/U15001-R/U18000).

  • Select specific area and specific database.
  • Choose AREA=CLONE and input R/S/U for specific kind of clones.
  • Order RAFL clones from RIKEN BRC.

No Clone Source Length Gene Alias CDS Chr Institute Accession Date Description
1 U16734 2132 At1g49670 1..1890 1 Stanford AY09334226-MAR-2002 ARP protein

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NOTE: Only data published in GenBank available to search.

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