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[Genevestigator] [UToronto BAR Expression Angler] [Araport ] TYPE Gene CHRO chr1 TITL AT1G01140.3 CDS ID=AT1G01140.3; Parent=AT1G01140; Name=AT1G01140.3; Note=CBL-interacting protein kinase 9; curator_summary=Encodes a CBL-interacting protein kinase with similarity to SOS2; conf_class=2; symbol=CIPK9; Alias=PKS6, PROTEIN KINASE 6, SnRK3.12, SNF1-RELATED PROTEIN KINASE 3.12; full_name=CBL-interacting protein kinase 9; computational_description=CBL-interacting protein kinase 9 (CIPK9)%3B FUNCTIONS IN: protein serine/threonine kinase activity%2C protein kinase activity%2C kinase activity%2C ATP binding%3B INVOLVED IN: in 6 processes%3B EXPRESSED IN: 23 plant structures%3B EXPRESSED DURING: 15 growth stages%3B CONTAINS InterPro DOMAIN/s: Protein kinase%2C ATP binding site (InterPro:IPR017441)%2C NAF/FISL domain (InterPro:IPR018451)%2C Serine/threonine-protein kinase domain (InterPro:IPR002290)%2C Serine/threonine-protein kinase-like domain (InterPro:IPR017442)%2C Protein kinase-like domain (InterPro:IPR011009)%2C Serine/threonine-protein kinase%2C active site (InterPro:IPR008271)%2C CBL-interacting protein kinase (InterPro:IPR020660)%2C NAF domain (InterPro:IPR004041)%2C Protein kinase%2C catalytic domain (InterPro:IPR000719)%2C Calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase-like (InterPro:IPR020636)%2C Tyrosine-protein kinase%2C catalytic domain (InterPro:IPR020635)%3B BEST Arabidopsis thaliana protein match is: CBL-interacting protein kinase 23 (TAIR:AT1G30270.1)%3B Has 130203 Blast hits to 128118 proteins in 4349 species: Archae - 165%3B Bacteria - 15262%3B Metazoa - 47961%3B Fungi - 13206%3B Plants - 31482%3B Viruses - 522%3B Other Eukaryotes - 21605 (source: NCBI BLink).; conf_rating=****; Dbxref=PMID:11230129, PMID:12805596, PMID:12045290, PMID:14730064, PMID:15574398, PMID:15703057, PMID:16146321, PMID:16214899, PMID:16673935, PMID:17397506, PMID:17551672, PMID:18650403, PMID:18775970, PMID:17486125, PMID:20870959, PMID:21477822, PMID:23109687, PMID:25614064, PMID:25646412, locus:2035367; locus_type=protein_coding COOR C/64398-64475,64570-64656,64751-64807,64901-65017,65110-65217,65331-65456,65563-65652,65739-65864,66107-66160,66262-66342,66450-66557,66678-66749,66835-66897,67324-67512 HITS BP632666 [GenBank] TYPE ESTs EVAL e-133 LOCN Exon COOR W/64166-64421 HITS BP599166 [GenBank] TYPE ESTs EVAL e-173 LOCN Exon COOR W/64167-64477,64584-64658,64763-64809 NOTE AV817447 AV807662 BP600864 BP604283 BP607140 BP616311 BP617305 BP623099 BP627397 BP629580 BP630029 BP635563 BP668812 BP784053 BP791805 AV805656 BP777159 AV799654 AV809366 AV440328 HITS RAFL09-20-N24 [NCBI] [Order from RIKEN BRC] TYPE RIKEN EST EVAL e-149 LOCN Exon COOR C/64171-64477,64584-64656 HITS AV782299 [GenBank] TYPE ESTs EVAL e-166 LOCN Exon COOR W/64182-64477,64584-64658,64753-64807,64901-65018,65111-65219,65333-65385 NOTE BP791602 AV795034 BP613791 EH847924 CD529629 CD529819 AV816834 BP606257 HITS RAFL04-16-A16 [NCBI] [Order from RIKEN BRC] TYPE RIKEN EST EVAL e-166 LOCN Exon COOR C/64182-64477,64584-64658,64753-64807,64901-65018,65111-65219,65333-65385 HITS R15436 [SSP] [About & Citation] [NCBI] [Order] - click RAFL TYPE SSP cDNA EVAL 99.82 LOCN Exon COOR C/64182-64383,64382-64475,64582-64656,64751-64807,64901-65017,65110-65217,65331-65456,65563-65652,65739-65864,66107-66160,66262-66342,66450-66557,66678-66749,66835-66897,67324-67619 NOTE AF386999 HITS BX817129 [GenBank] [Order] TYPE GSLT cDNA EVAL e-158 LOCN Exon COOR C/64201-64477,64583-64658,64753-64807,64901-65018,65111-65216,65329-65456,65563-65652,65739-65866,66109-66159,66261-66342,66450-66557,66678-66751,66837-66897,67324-67606 HITS GATCATCCTCAAACTCG [About MPSS mRNA] TYPE MPSS mRNA Target EVAL 100.00 LOCN 300-UTR3 COOR C/64209-64225 NOTE 0 66 105 9 168 10 52 32 12 0 8 18 20 83 0 0 63 HITS U15436 [SSP] [About & Citation] [NCBI] [Order from ABRC] TYPE SSP Gateway Clone EVAL 99.93 LOCN Exon COOR C/64290-64475,64582-64656,64751-64807,64901-65017,65110-65217,65331-65456,65563-65652,65739-65864,66107-66160,66262-66342,66450-66557,66678-66749,66835-66897,67324-67512 NOTE U15436 AY093242 pENTR-TOPO HITS AI997157 [GenBank] TYPE ESTs EVAL 2e-66 LOCN Exon COOR W/64337-64478,64584-64658,64753-64807,64901-65018,65111-65219,65333-65430 NOTE EL002880 EH825693 DR340107 EH958447 DR340108 EL182048 EL146905 EL062528 EL204773 HITS AF295664 [GenBank] TYPE Community cDNA EVAL 100.00 LOCN Exon COOR C/64398-64475,64582-64653,64748-64807,64901-65017,65110-65217,65331-65456,65563-65652,65733-65858,66100-66160,66262-66342,66450-66557,66678-66746,66832-66897,67324-67512 HITS AF339147 [GenBank] TYPE Community cDNA EVAL 100.00 LOCN Exon COOR C/64398-64475,64570-64656,64751-64807,64901-65017,65110-65217,65331-65456,65563-65652,65739-65864,66107-66160,66262-66342,66450-66557,66678-66749,66835-66897,67324-67512 HITS 261581_at [gAtlas] TYPE Affy Probes EVAL 8e-66 LOCN Exon COOR C/64415-64475,64582-64658,64753-64807,64901-65018,65111-65216,65330-65456,65563-65598 HITS GATCCGGTTAACATCTC [About MPSS mRNA] TYPE MPSS mRNA Target EVAL 100.00 LOCN Intron COOR C/64521-64537 NOTE 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 10 0 0 0 HITS CD530102 [GenBank] TYPE ESTs EVAL 2e-63 LOCN Exon COOR C/64915-65017,65110-65216,65329-65456,65561-65663 NOTE EH798177 EL104590 ES002693 EH954868 EL280761 EH915951 EL013662 HITS GATCTGCGAGTGAAATA [About MPSS mRNA] TYPE MPSS mRNA Target EVAL 100.00 LOCN Exon COOR C/64964-64980 NOTE 0 25 50 0 14 58 100 100 102 5 81 12 6 77 0 0 31 HITS DR365407 [GenBank] TYPE ESTs EVAL 2e-66 LOCN Exon COOR C/65330-65456,65563-65652,65739-65866,66109-66159,66261-66344 NOTE EL035214 ES141143 ES159177 ES078198 ES176091 EH884272 BG459451 HITS CB259664 [GenBank] TYPE ESTs EVAL e-136 LOCN Exon COOR C/65749-65864,66109-66159,66261-66342,66450-66557,66678-66751,66837-66897,67324-67569 HITS AV821759 [GenBank] TYPE ESTs EVAL e-162 LOCN Exon COOR C/66105-66159,66261-66342,66450-66557,66678-66751,66837-66897,67324-67619 HITS DR365409 [GenBank] TYPE ESTs EVAL e-168 LOCN Exon COOR C/66112-66159,66261-66342,66450-66557,66678-66751,66837-66897,67324-67625 NOTE EL278475 DR292165 DR365408 EL081224 BP852980 EH795451 BP823331 EL209000 AV827866 EL087360 EL211129 EH826415 EH911387 EH884784 HITS BX833652 [GenBank] [Order] TYPE GSLT cDNA EVAL 0.0 LOCN Exon COOR W/67313-67951 HITS GATCAAGCCGCTATCAA [About MPSS mRNA] TYPE MPSS mRNA Target EVAL 100.00 LOCN Exon COOR C/67370-67386 NOTE 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 HITS GATCTAGAGCCGTTGAT [About MPSS mRNA] TYPE MPSS mRNA Target EVAL 100.00 LOCN 300-UTR5 COOR C/67534-67550 NOTE 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

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