RiceGE: Genome Express Database ( Jan. 16, 2018 )

CLON CI670954[GenBank] 
TYPE Rice EST ctgs
CHRO chr01
EVAL e-148
COOR W/1-54,154-419,1160-1240
NOTE CB640244 CB640211 CI573412 CI592663 CI595201 CI601454 CI606577 CI624811 CI567119 CI640574 CI641930 CI644973 CI647878 CI640007 CI657768 CI663042 CI711645 CI749607 CI752080 CI625395 CB681515 

HITS Os01g01010[Seq] [RiceGE] [RiceGE Text] [Rice GO] [Gramene] [SNP] [Microarray: RMOS|GEO] [TIGR Evidence] 
TITL TBC domain containing protein, expressed (PASA (rice_release4_08302005) ALT-SPLICE: Added alt splice isoform to 12001.t00001 = 12001.m42814); (PASA (rice_release4_08302005) AUTOUPDATE: Updated structure of 12001.m06748.) ;
COOR W/251-418,1159-1257,2259-2362,3938-4746,4830-4952,5034-5122,5210-5410,6012-6113,6906-6989,7034-7046,7306-7364

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