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Arabidopsis 2010 - 1,001 Genomes:

Plant biologists need many completely sequenced and functionally annotated genomes within each species in order to fully exploit the power of evolution to understand how an organism functions and adapts to its environment. Researchers interested in natural variation in Arabidopsis propose to generate genomic DNA sequences from over 1000 inbred strains, driving technology developments in both hardware for the DNA sequencing itself and in software development to make sense of the DNA sequence data.

The goal of this research project is to record the genetic variation in the entire genome of many strains of the reference plant Arabidopsis thaliana.


Bob Schmitz
Julian Golder
Lantian Gai
Andrew Alix
Mark Urich
Joe Nery
Huaming Chen
Joe Ecker

Christa Lanz
Jun Cao
Stephan Ossowski
Korbinian Schneeberger
Joffrey Fitz
Detlef Weigel

Len Pennacchio

Data Source:


[Done by Salk]
Cvi-0 Ler-1

[Done by JGI]
Bay-0 Sha.JGI

[Done by MPI]
Agu-1 Bak-2 Bak-7 Bur-0 Cdm-0 Col-0 Del-10 Dog-4 Don-0 Est-1 Ey15-2 Fei-0 HKT2 ICE1 ICE102 ICE104 ICE106 ICE107 ICE111 ICE112 ICE119 ICE120 ICE127 ICE130 ICE134 ICE138 ICE150 ICE152 ICE153 ICE163 ICE169 ICE173 ICE181 ICE21 ICE212 ICE213 ICE216 ICE226 ICE228 ICE29 ICE33 ICE36 ICE49 ICE50 ICE60 ICE61 ICE63 ICE7 ICE70 ICE71 ICE72 ICE73 ICE75 ICE79 ICE91 ICE92 ICE93 ICE97 ICE98 Istisu-1 Kastel-1 Koch-1 Lag2 Leo-1 Lerik1-3 Mer-6 Nemrut-1 Nie1-2 Ped-0 Pre-6 Qui-0 Rue3-1-31 Sha Star-8 Tsu-1 TueSB30-3 Tuescha9 TueV13 TueWa1-2 Vash-1 Vie-0 WalhaesB4 Xan-1 Yeg-1

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Huaming Chen
Lantian Gai

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